Kone Slovakia


First time I had a contact with LettingGO was when receiving unexpected advanced payment invoice for future services. At that time our MD didn’t inform me about his intention to get support in reorganizing our company was suffering after a massive restructuring and full replacement of the former management team.

I must admit, from my perspective and former experience at that time with “trainers” and “consultants”, who were just delivering standard materials in presentations, the return on investment was rarely visible.

SO, its with a very skeptical approach that I joined the sessions, not only that this was impacting our budget, I was pretty sure the outcome would be poor. Due to my personal resistance it took me a while to be onboard with the program and the discussions, but soon I noticed that something was changing: With me! I recognized that my mindset and attitude was not helping the overall collaboration and improvement within the team,
my convictions where harming me more than I thought, and thee first change is the ability to have an honest self-reflection and accept feedback without taking it personally.

And that is where I must admit, the LettingGO team, Urs and Marco do a real great job: of building the course the foundations for the learnings are similar to already known contents, but here, there is an individual follow up, challenging discussions, one to ones and very hands on approach, as both come from the business and know real life scenarios, and coaching experience.

I could see that through the process, all my colleagues started to change, we came out of our silos and started to interact in a much more effective way as we ever did before. Finally, that was the prerequisite for the success of our company, enable the team to act as one man, and I never had to discuss anymore with our MD when I had to proceed to payment, just the contrary …


Working for the same company almost 18 years, I changed my role or country few times, and in two cases I have contacted again LettingGO, as my first experience was so positive. What I had learned was also to identify situations which would require special attention, and where individuals need a specific guidance, while not accepting from their direct manager, a neutral third party would have a better chance to address the resistance.

Few years later, I became Head of KONE Shares Services in Slovakia, and the leadership style in place was far away from what I was told, as well as the general situation. Overall, I needed an honest and transparent self-assessment of the situation, to identify what would help to come back on track quickly, but I wanted the team to find out by themselves, rather than me raising the points, that could be quickly perceived as criticism, what ever you do to communicate carefully.

In this case Urs Meier was monitoring the individual and later the group self-assessment, not giving answers but “opening” the people’s mind. The outcome was a list of 8 projects, which we realized ourselves in the coming months and we could soon get the turn around.

In our SSC we have 25 different nationalities, also my team is international, and it requires a good understanding of how to manage in multicultural environment and get the message through to people who are not native English speakers.

This team buildings/group workshops brought the team closer, was an eye opener on the individual own behavior, and helped to identify clear improvement areas. Also since we have a great feedback culture in place, and we managed to cascade to all levels of our company, in a way that really helps us moving forward and challenging the status quo every day.

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