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My challenge: our digitization process, which has been ongoing since 2017 and which also brought many new tools and work processes in 2018, coupled with three new laws, all of which became effective in 2018: Mi d II, DSGVO and IDD. As a result, our daily work routine was turned upside down, as not only the consultation process, but also all the preparation and follow - up of appointments have changed completely.

So I wanted to do something before these challenges became apparent in the sales gures. The consultants should not only be supported in the implementation of the new functions, but also be shown how important it is in the consultation to put the customer back into focus. We wanted to work to differentiate ourselves from the market and give the customer the feeling of uniqueness.

I needed someone to illuminate the topic from a new perspective and to awaken creativity in us. I got the perfect support with Monika Keil. Monika prepared us for the training “STRANGELevers—Big Impact”, an online course, which made us very well-tuned to the training.

In training, Monika was able to integrate the whole group extremely well into the exercises and bring us many—sometimes known—possibilities with a completely new approach and thus much better results. As the participants experience and feel this directly the effect was completely different and it went after the training and the subsequent feedback rounds, also directly into the implementation.

A few weeks later, the rst positive experiences have come from practice. We continue to exchange views on a regular basis and implement the MERCY approach. The team parts that Monika did with us are very apparent: Where are we? Where do we want to go? What does each and every one of the team wish for? As a result, I was also able to take essential points for my leadership role.

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