Stadt Chur

My challenge: ... New Elections in Chur (my election as councillor) and the Order of the Municipal Council led to a reorganization of Department 3.

As Head of Department 3, I was immediately aware of the internal confusion. Focussing on our core business was difficult and a unified long-term strategy was missing!

Urs Meier's support in the change process has led to successful restart of achieving cross-departmental collaboration (Department 3, THE service provider for Space & Settlement Design).

His honest character and his persistence to address problems openly without hurting people have motivated the workshop participants and myself.

The practical relevance of the support distinguishes the work of Urs Meier to many other consultants.

Nearly 37,000 people live and reside in Chur.

The municipality is divided into three departments, each of which is headed by a member of the City Council. The department is again divided into entities. The Department includes the three areas construction & infrastructure planning, forest management as well as alp management.