Schöffel Sportbekleidung

Our company is in a sustainable change process. Our market is characterized by intensive competition. We want to maintain our leading position and require a new level of customer orientation, exibility, surprising force and speed. Agility and process orientation are increasingly taking over the classical work approach in departments. The adaptation of the corporate culture as well as the organization to this market environment as well as the resulting changes in terms of tasks is complex and challenging. In the necessary optimization of cooperation within the company, Urs Meier was able to provide important impetus to our management team.

First, Urs Meier and Marco Stingelin conducted in-depth interviews with selected central employees. Based on the various outcome, we identi ed together concrete elds of action. In workshops, we discussed and agreed on our current challenges as well as created a common view point on where development is a must. The identi ed target pro le resulted in three major elds of action: customer orientation, digitization and leadership. The optimized management of the further change by the management, was accompanied by Urs Meier. Urs has supported us—the management—to become motivated, to be completely honest and open which has resulted in creating a real focused team. He supported us and through his professionalism which resulted in real self-awareness for the whole organisation. The findings are clear and tangible and can be implemented immediately. Resources and time well spent!

The Schöffel sportswear GmbH is a medium-sized company Family business in the 7th generation.

Schöffel is one of the European market leaders in the Area of functional outdoor- and skiwear.