Renata SA

My challenge: ... is influenced by the constant need for higher effectiveness, innovation and improved high-quality production to oppose competition and price pressure as well as to improve continuously our product quality! This is only possible with committed leaders to take responsibility for the necessary development steps. Who have the ability to build trusting relationships in their teams. This is how we succeed to motivate our employees to peak performance.

In the phase of constant change and associated development accompanied us Mr Meier & Mr Stingelin since the end of 2011. The annual 14 to 18-day workshops are the foundation for our leadership development as well as on-going process optimisation and production improvements.

The gentlemen Meier & Stingelin understand it skilfully to analyse behaviours, reveal obstacles in teamwork and to implement pragmatic improvement concepts with the teams.

They acted subtly, but always fair and with sensitivity to mirror our behaviour and performance. They achieved a higher motivation to start with his/her personal development first, rather than having expectations of changes of others.

But they kept it not only in theory and psychology. They have driven projects ahead with the participants towards targeted solutions, enabling immediate long-desired improvements. An exciting way to emulate.

Renata SA, the world's leading button cell battery manufacturers from Switzerland!

Renata SA, a subsidiary of the Swatch Group Ltd. in Biel, was founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of components for mechanical watches. After a few years, the company has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of button cell batteries for watches and various electronic products (medical devices, RFID, remote control, instrumentation, etc.).