Our challenge: … to focus and therefore become more successfully, we reorganized and specialized the regional sales management as well as the central services. Urs Meier and Marco Stingelin successfully accompanied us in this delicate phase.

Changes cause insecurity and discomfort for most people. Many points are discussed in such a change—many, especially very personal points, remain unspoken. Urs and Marco have managed, in no time, to win the confidence of the whole leadership team. As a result, they have also “drawn out” very personal and usually reserved aspects of a change process.

The result was a “pot of ideas and thoughts” from the head—as well as the stomach area—the basis for a successful workshop. The workshop was very well prepared, creative and diversi ed and was facilitated in goal-oriented way. All participants were surprised about the outcome of the workshop: the processes discussed were from the start to the conclusion—due to the detail employed the solutions were implemented effectively in a very short time frame, The highest efficiency aligned with concrete results.

Nahrin is a Swiss direct sales company.

We sell the spices, bouillons, sauces and nutritional supple- ments through our own sales team directly to the consumer.