KONE Austria

My challenge: ... learning & communication habits are changing! We were faced with the important and challenging task to integrate our personal & skills development even more into our business processes.

Urs Meier & Marco Stingelin accompanied us through a period of radical change. Through their practical experience coupled with the ability to "pick up" and inspire people, they professionally and effectively managed to generate solutions for multi-faceted needs.

With commitment, ease and appropriate humour they managed to work out complex issues, in a solution-oriented way, with 60 project participants and always kept the people in the centre.

At the end of each workshop, participants have been more motivated, more open and more active. This has been especially noticeable in sustainable better daily collaboration and processes.

KONE is one of the world's leading elevator and escalator companies.

KONE brings people to their destinations and sets the industry standards for elevators and escalators. With innovative solutions for management, maintenance and modernization KONE furthermore provides for automatic doors and gates.