Doka – Die Schalungstechniker

My challenge … subsumed: the change. Their origin certainly goes back to the takeover of a traditional Swiss company by our group of companies. Business was booming, there was no time to deal with a regulated post-merger integration. And anyway: Such cultural frills did not t us! In retrospect, a colleague had described it as follows: "It was like changing the turbines in full ight to the Airbus.

We ew off at full speed and doubled the staff in a short time - without having the regular staff on board. In addition, there were major market changes that culminated in the Swiss-Franc shock. At the latest at that time, we had caught up with the missed homework: the organization had not kept pace with the expansion. And now, that the wind is clear became rougher, these failures came to light.

At that point, I decided to get support: Urs Meier and Marco Stingelin. In January 2016, we started. As a rst step, we have identi ed and highlighted our actual situation—a “enlightening” milestone in the truest sense of the word. Then followed by the de nition of the TARGET: How do we imagine the togetherness? How do we want to be experienced as a team by our customers and partners? The resulting project orders represent the basis of our change processes.

Urs Meier—punctually supported by Marco Stingelin - developed the steering of our "Airbus" to calmer zones. Important in such a situation, the “understanding”—only then can be worked solution-oriented. LettingGO has helped us to make complex issues understandable and hidden, but existing barriers visible. One senses; Urs Meier has experienced much of what we experience himself. This makes him authentic and highly accepted and recognized by the staff. Personally, my Leadership skills have developed through this process, primarily through his feedback.

Our organization is not working perfectly yet, but every day we move towards this goal. This is already noticeable in the business success. The development in the team is even more noticeable: motivation, commitment, fun at work, proactivity - everywhere we have noticeably gained momentum. We are not yet at the nish, but on a good way.

Doka is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing formwork technology for use in all elds of the construction sector.