DC Aviation GmbH

My challenge: ... as the largest German business jet operator, we are particularly sensitive when it comes to the areas of safety, quality, and crisis management. With Ingo Thiel, we have found a coach who has differentiated himself in the approach compared to all others that we had considered.

Ingo Thiel has revised the crisis management plan for DC Aviation comprehensively, fixed vulnerabilities and created a crisis PR manual with exact procedures. All departments were involved, so that every individual has learned for himself and could internalise this as well. One created specifically for DC Aviation all-day emergency simulation has brought us to our limits. Also it showed the importance for future business & taking the right decision in emergency situations to everyone.

We were and are excited about the special commitment, the enthusiasm and the way in which thi„s training has been carried out. A crisis situation occurs hopefully never, but we are now very well positioned and equipped.

DC Aviation, Germany's leading business jet operator and one of the top players in Europe.

The company emerged from a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler AG and has been certified as the only German business aviation company with the world's prestigious IATA IOSA safety seal. Many customers also trust the Aircraft Management and Aircraft Maintenance on the high quality of DC Aviation.