Bösch GmbH & Co KG

The building services industry sees itself with manifold confronting changes - societal necessities also require changed speci cations for building technology. How do we technically equip our buildings so that they can meet the future needs of living and working, and how do we deal with the associated new requirements?

Urs Meier and Marco Stingelin impressively reminded us in 2018 that solving these questions requires not only top technical products and forward-looking energy concepts, but also a change in dealing with each another.

The term change management was known to every participant based on different personal as well as professional stations and situations. But what is hidden behind and how dif cult it can be to see the current challenges and agree on a common development, is often underestimated. Through their persistent and competent manner, Urs Meier and Marco Stingelin have shown that change only happens when you are ready to go beyond your personal "red line", leaving your comfort zone.

Urs Meier comes from practice and is authentic. These two factors allowed us to enter directly into the matter from the beginning. In the course of the individual workshops, the actual barriers became clearer and complex issues became easier and easier. Through the very competent accompaniment of Urs Meier and Marco Stingelin, the attitude was adjusted, that we were able to work out solution concepts together.

Lettinggo revealed to us what change management means, how much work is involved in a process of change and that competent support is indispensable.

Full service provider for home automation

Bösch employs around 600 employees throughout Austria. As a complete supplier for heating technology, air conditioning and ventilation technology we have made a name for ourselves. 230 well-educated bösch technicians guarantee a unique on-site service.