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Our company is in a sustainable change process. Our market is characterized by intensive competition. We want to maintain our leading position and require a new level of customer orientation, exibility, surprising force and speed. Agility and process orientation are increasingly taking over the classical work approach in departments.

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My challenge: our digitization process, which has been ongoing since 2017 and which also brought many new tools and work processes in 2018, coupled with three new laws, all of which became effective in 2018: Mi d II, DSGVO and IDD. As a result, our daily work routine was turned upside down, as not only the consultation process, but also all the preparation and follow—up of appointments have changed completely.

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Your lettinggo-team

Only if you THINK DIFFERENTLY will new possibilities appear!

… different in a way that makes a DIFFERENCE!

Discover how to be different in a way that makes a difference in partnership with us and make it the success factor of your company. Also, your personal development is key to ensure new ways of working are sustainable and more importantly successful. We provide training, coaching and consulting for executives, specialists and high potentials.

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Martina Meier

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