CRISIS? What Crisis?

Challenge—We are ready? Are you?

Really? Are you really ready? Are you prepared when a crisis is coming? Crises come unexpectedly.

For example; a death on a construction site, a fire in your office, a fatal accident in a retail environment, an accident involving a company …

What could it be that could develop into a crisis situation for your organisation?

  • A bribe in your leadership team?
  • The CEO convicted for drug abuse?
  • A quality problem with one of your products?
  • A natural disaster destroying your main supplier

We know you have a crisis handbook! Are you ready? Are you really ready? … there will be no second chance!


YES it’s in our crisis manual!

Congratulations! Our experience is that the crisis manual is of no use to you if the individuals in your organisation are not aware of every aspect of their specific responsibilities and duties that support an effective crisis management plan.

Who will handle the media? Who will take responsibility for injuries or who is responsible for the financial aspects and recovery plan?

The individual media training is not sufficient as in these situations quite often the media trainers will work on the other opposing side in a crisis situation.


We can work with you on these CHALLENGES in regards to crisis management before and after by developing and implementing a crisis management plan.

At lettingGO we know from our own experience, what the challenges of being a manager and leader look like, because we have worked as members of varies management teams or as senior directors.

Our foundation builds on a trusting relationship in order to understand your unique and specific challenges. Only this way we can together solve issues and deliver sustainable solutions.

Your lettinggo-team

Only if you THINK DIFFERENTLY will new possibilities appear!

… different in a way that makes a DIFFERENCE!

Discover how to be different in a way that makes a difference in partnership with us and make it the success factor of your company. Also, your personal development is key to ensure new ways of working are sustainable and more importantly successful. We provide training, coaching and consulting for executives, specialists and high potentials.

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