Technique or passion? or both?

Commerciality it not just selling; it involves the ability to interact successfully with people! Where it is not stimulating, even the most competent and enthusiastic coworkers do not want to work and customers do not want to buy anything!

Those organisations who strive for success, must stop being average! Because whoever behaves like everyone else will be like everyone else! THE SAME!

The Same ideas, the Same products, the Same services and… the SAME RESULTS!



How was your last shopping experience …?

Or your recent purchases in a store? Think about how it was when the last sales person entered your office and wanted to “spin” something. How did you feel in these situations?

Were they good? What sales talk can you remember in which “blew you away” without thinking? What was the trigger?

More than 90 percent of our buying decisions happen in the subconscious. What does that mean? You need a product or service that triggers a feeling of: "I want that!"


What does your customer feel? What does your customer expects?

The potential customer must have the feeling: “Here I am welcome, they treat me as if I am visiting my best friend! The best friend has prepared everything for a fulfilling experience because he is aware about my expectations and strive to exceed them!”

People will not always remember what you did for them but they will always remember how you made them feel!

Maya Angelou


We can work with you on these CHALLENGES and support you on this journey.

Wir Partner von lettingGO kennen die drei grössten Hindernisse bei Verkauf und wie du sie überwinden kannst.

At lettingGO we know from our own experience, what the challenges of being a manager and leader look like, because we have worked as members of varies management teams or as senior directors. We know the obstacles in selling and how you can overcome them.

Our foundation builds on a trusting relationship in order to understand your unique and specific challenges. Only this way we can together solve issues and deliver sustainable solutions.

Your lettinggo-team

Only if you THINK DIFFERENTLY will new possibilities appear!

… different in a way that makes a DIFFERENCE!

Discover how to be different in a way that makes a difference in partnership with us and make it the success factor of your company. Also, your personal development is key to ensure new ways of working are sustainable and more importantly successful. We provide training, coaching and consulting for executives, specialists and high potentials.

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