Customer-Acquisition; emotional and digital

You are a successful entrepreneur!

Congratulations, please keep it that way! Hand on heart, you are certainly aware that your time for new customer acquisition is not available to the extent necessary.

Then we have good news for you! We are happy to take on your new acquisition and look for potential new customers on XING and LinkedIn (if possible also Instagram)—according to your ideas and preferences. The needle in a haystack, so to speak! Interested?

Every beginning is exciting! In a free initial discussion, we get to know each other and build understanding and trust for the journey together. In the next step, we will give you access to our positioning app so that you can describe your current position with your confidants and specialists.

After your electronic transmission, we get to work and prepare for a second conversation with you. Objective with this second interview: Identification of your unique selling points.

Now it really starts! We make sure that your social media channels are up to date and, in parallel, design texts for addressing your future new customers! After the text messages have been released on your part, we start the search in the jointly identified target areas and defined media landscape(s).

Our guarantee to you; From the 3rd month (after about 120 inquiries have been made) we will generate a 30% response, which will link up with you. It will be interesting from the 5th month! After around 240 inquiries, we guarantee you three new customer potentials per month. Deal?

Your lettinggo-team

Only if you THINK DIFFERENTLY will new possibilities appear!

… different in a way that makes a DIFFERENCE!

Discover how to be different in a way that makes a difference in partnership with us and make it the success factor of your company. Also, your personal development is key to ensure new ways of working are sustainable and more importantly successful. We provide training, coaching and consulting for executives, specialists and high potentials.

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